Our firm provides services aimed at complying with the regulatory framework corresponding to the three levels of government, especially related to the mining sector. Given our transversal experience in other areas such as environmental, agrarian as well as constitutional, and administrative litigation, we stand out for the capability of providing advice that allows our clients to solve problems in their daily operations, facing changes in regulation and variation of administrative and judicial criteria regarding the sector.

In particular, we have a strong understanding of the issues that currently have the greatest impact on the mining industry, such as the protection of the rights of indigenous groups and communities, the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission, the legal controversies surrounding mining concessions, as well as regulatory reforms projects on the matter.

In addition to having experience in representing mining companies before different government entities, we are capable of conducting due diligence processes on the administrative acts and permits needed to develop mining activities. Likewise, we provide advice regarding the legal acts for the use and occupation of the land where the exploration and exploitation activities are developed.

Representative Clients
  • Grupo México. Advice on the constitutionality analysis of possible legal reforms that affect the development of the mining sector, as well as advice for the elaboration of bills.
  • Fortuna Silver Mines. Representation before administrative and judicial authorities, including the ones on environmental matters and protection of indigenous peoples and communities, in order to obtain the extension of certain administrative permits by which a gold and silver mine operates in Oaxaca.
  • Argonaut Gold. Advice regarding recommendations issued by the National Human Rights Commission that may have impact on the operation of a gold and silver mine in Sonora.
  • Invecture Group. Advice to both producing and development projects in various regulatory areas, including filing legal proceedings to obtain and defend administrative permits and rights on the necessary lands for the activities.
  • Newmont. Advice on the potential effects on the operation of a mine in Zacatecas caused by the reforms made to the regulation in the energy sector.